Mr. Wright Band Room Tuesday afternoons

Jazz Band will be a weekly activity held on Tuesday afternoons. This group will focus on the performance, history, and interpretation of jazz music throughout American history. A core component of this group will be improvisation and soloing. There will be a discussion of important people, genres, and events in the history of jazz.

Rehearsals will focus on learning important jazz literature and performing in the style of the era. There will be performances held at both the Winter and Spring McCarthy Band concerts. There will also be a performance with the Parker Middle School and CHS at the Jazz Showcase concert later this spring. Additional performances will depend on community interest.

Any Band instrument can participate in Jazz Band. Additionally, the Jazz Band also includes the following instruments:

  • Guitar
  • Bass Guitar or Double Bass
  • Auxiliary Percussion

This jazz program will continue to be an integral part of the overall music education of our McCarthy students. This group provides extra opportunities for our students to play challenging and diverse musical literature otherwise not offered within the school day.