Students at the middle schools can participate in a variety of after school activities.  The activities offered this year are listed on the below documents. We strongly encourage ALL students to participate in at least one activity as an important element in middle school development.

Fees and forms

If your child wants to participate in an after-school activity for the 2022-23 school year, the activity fee is $50.00 per child. This is a one-time fee, and it allows students to participate in as many activities they choose. Student must also bring in a completed Activities Agreement Form and Activities Health Form (see links below). Once the payment is made online (see directions below) and the two forms are returned, your child will be eligible to participate in all activities. The fee is used to help defray the cost of the stipends given to advisors for each of the activities. The fee is not to pay for late buses. If there is financial hardship, please reach out directly to us as we want all students to be able to participate.

Register and Pay Online

Late bus routes

The Late Buses will begin to run every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday afternoons. Please review the appropriate bus route and bus number carefully.

IMPORTANT: The late bus routes are very different from the morning and afternoon regular bus routes. Generally, the late bus routes necessitate that students walk a greater distance from the bus stop than their regular school bus requires. Please review the Late Bus number and stop with your child as they will probably both be different than the regular daily bus they may take. Middle school parents should know that Chelmsford High School students also utilize the late bus system.

Students being picked up from activities will be dismissed from the doors next to the cafeteria.

After school activities and late buses will begin on Wednesday, October 19. Late buses run on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week. Late bus privileges are only for students who participate in after school activities, extra help, or intramurals.

If you have any questions about the programs or wish further information, please feel free to contact us at (978) 251-5122.

McCarthy Select Chorus

Select Chorus

Mrs. Wright Band Room Wednesdays

Select Chorus is an auditioned group of grade 6-8 singers wanting an extra musical experience beyond classroom performing groups. This group will learn a moderate to difficult level of music, perform at both choruses. Select Chorus has been selected and started Sep. 28.

McCarthy Jazz Band

Festival Band/ATWE

Mr. Wright Band Room Wednesday evenings 6-8 p.m.

The CPS All Town Wind Ensemble (ATWE) is a group made up of volunteer students in grades 6-12 from McCarthy, Parker, and Chelmsford High School. It is an advanced ensemble and performs high school level repertoire. Older students’ mentor younger members and everyone’s musicianship improves! Members of the program must…

McCarthy Orchestra

Festival Orchestra

Mr. Miller Room 124 Wednesdays

The McCarthy Festival Orchestra is open to any grade 6-8 orchestra student (or grade 5 orchestra student with previous experience). This ensemble will meet weekly on Wednesdays and will rehearse additional music to prepare for concerts, community outreach performances, and festival auditions.

McCarthy Newspaper Club

Newspaper Club

The Grade 7-8 Newspaper Club will create a monthly ‘newspaper’ to distribute via homeroom to students in grade 7 and 8. Students who participate will be responsible for brainstorming newspaper topic ideas or themes relevant to their age level as well as writing articles, providing visuals, and editing newspaper content.

McCarthy Backstage Crew

Backstage Crew

Ms. Mayer Auditorium 2:45-3:45

The Backstage Crew is for students interested in building sets and props for our school musical. The Crew meets every Wednesday from 2:45-3:45 up until Tech Week (2 weeks before the show), when we will work every day after school until 5:30.

McCarthy LiveSmart


Ms. Lyons Room 133 Thursdays (biweekly)

Live Smart is a health club that completes healthy activities each meeting. Some examples are: movement activities, social games, and mindfulness practice. LiveSmart also explores the idea of supporting a health-related “cause” and our planet. LiveSmart believes living healthy is living smart.

McCarthy Book-to-Big Screen Club

Book to Big Screen

Ms. Schroth Room 216 Thursdays at 7:30 a.m.

Ever wonder about the books behind big movies or TV shows like Harry Potter or A Series of Unfortunate Events? Or do you love reading and want to see one of your favorite books on film? In Books to Big Screen, we’ll decide as a group which selections to read…

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Yoga

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Yoga

Ms. Ramu Library Wednesdays

Breathing exercises (pranayama) are the main components of Yoga. Pranayama decreases stress and increases mindfulness. It positively works on respiratory and nervous systems. The goal of Pranayama is to strengthen the connection between your body and mind. It promotes relaxation and improves focus and control. Sun salutations will bring more…

Homework Club

Ms. Sherlock Library Tuesdays

This program is designed to give students a ‘Study Place.’ Come do your homework, work on a project, catch up on your reading etc. Students must bring their Chromebooks for computer access for assignments and research.  Please make sure you have homework to do while in Homework club.

Writers Society

Mrs. McMahon Room 222 Thursdays, Weekly

Writers in grades 5-8 are welcome to attend McCarthy’s Writers Society regardless of writing level. We welcome poems, riddles or word puzzles for others to solve, type epic stories, or conduct research and create an article. The choices are limitless. Each week mini lessons are designed to suit students’ writing…

Yearbook Staff

Mrs. Scheinbart Room 107 Wednesdays 7:30 a.m.

The yearbook is a treasured keepsake for all students and staff each year. It is a place to share the marvelous happenings here at McCarthy whether academic, athletic, social, or creative. Meetings will take place in Mrs. Scheinbart’s room before school Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. Open to all grade levels

Jazz Band

Mr. Wright Band Room Tuesday afternoons

Jazz Band will be a weekly activity held on Tuesday afternoons. This group will focus on the performance, history, and interpretation of jazz music throughout American history. A core component of this group will be improvisation and soloing. There will be a discussion of important people, genres, and events in…

ASL- American Sign Language

Ms. Fitzsimmons Temporarily Virtual Tuesday--Bi-weekly (starts Oct. 11)

American Sign Language club brings awareness about the deaf culture while teaching ASL to the students of the Chelmsford community. We spend time learning the basics of the language through games, activities and learning how to sign songs. Google Classroom Google Meet

Dungeons & Dragons Club

Ms. Downing Room 130 Tuesdays

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is a fantasy role playing game (RPG) in which players create characters and embark upon imaginative adventures within a fantasy setting. Together they solve dilemmas, engage in battles, and gather treasure and knowledge. In the process, the characters earn experience points (XP) to rise in levels…

Art Club for 7th and 8th Grade Artists

Art Club for 7th/8th Grade Artists

Ms. Kiley Room 122 Wednesdays

Art Club for 7th and 8th Grade Artists will be an opportunity for serious artists who want to focus on Community Art. We will be doing school and town wide group displays to beautify our space as well as connect with many who visit our school and other areas in…

Art Club for Performance Music Students-Grade 5-6

Art Club for Performance Music Students-Grade 5-6

Ms. Mayer Room 120 Tuesdays

Do you love Art and are unable to attend due to Band, Orchestra and Chorus? Come join us in art club and explore techniques in various mediums including drawing, collage, origami, painting, sculpture, fibers, printmaking and more! Limited to 20 Students

McCarthy Student Council Grades 5-6

Student Council-Grades 5-6

Ms. Doussourd and Ms. Lanouette Library Tuesdays at 7:30 a.m.

Students will meet weekly to plan spirit days, general school activities and assist teachers/other clubs as needed. Mr. McPhee and Mrs. Calobrisi may want to utilize them in other ways as well. In the past students have volunteered at Open House, Family Fun nights sponsored by the PTO and 4th…

McCarthy Student Council Grades 7-8

Student Council-Grades 7-8

Ms. Doussourd and Ms. Lanouette Library Tuesdays at 7:30 a.m.

Students will meet weekly to plan spirit days, general school activities and assist teachers/other clubs as needed. Mr. McPhee and Mrs. Calobrisi may want to utilize them in other ways as well. In the past students have volunteered at Open House, Family Fun nights sponsored by the PTO and 4th…

McCarthy Middle School Cross Country Team

Cross Country Running Club

Mr. Felzani Tuesdays/Thursdays in September and October

The McCarthy Cross Country Running Team is a group that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the fall.  We will be training to compete in several meets this season, in addition to our own “mini marathon.” Races vary from 1-2 miles. Practices are created to meet the needs of both…

McCarthy Middle School Magic the Gathering Club

Magic the Gathering Club

Mr. Warnock Room 219 Thursdays

Attention all Wizards: Come learn how to play the popular trading card game Magic: the Gathering. All students, both new and veteran players, will learn how to play the game, socialize in a competitive and respectful manner, and battle against their peers in this fun, friendly, and exciting club.

Stand Up McCarthy

Stand Up McCarthy

Dr. Hanlon Room 132 Tuesdays

Stand-up McCarthy is a GSA that brings together students to support each other, provide a safe place to socialize, and create a platform to work for LGBTQIA rights. We encourage students to participate in school and community events including Ally Week (a national youth-led effort encouraging students to be allies…

McCarthy Middle School Track and Field

Track and Field Team

Mr. Felzani McCarthy Track Complex Tuesdays/Thursdays in April-June

The Track & Field team is a group that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the Spring. We will be training to compete in several meets this season. Additionally, we are very excited to team up with the Chelmsford High School team and have access to a variety of events.…